Early Childhood Professional Development with a SPLASH

Let's C.R.E.A.T.E.

I hope you are ready to CREATE READINEXPERIENCES



Early reading skills MUST be taught,

NO IFs, ANDs or BUTs about it,

so why not add a blast of ART!

The Why: 

As educators, we are true believers in the quote,

"Sharing is Caring".

As I walk out of the doors of

every school/childcare center, the thought of,

"I would love to work with those teachers again"

automatically comes to mind. 

So I created a master plan,

exclusively for my Early Childhood peeps...

SPLASH style!


After 12 years of teaching in the Elementary Education World,

I decided to walk down the road of faith and, as scary as it was,

I opened up the very first KIDS Literacy and Art Studio located in Atlanta, GA.


Through my journey, I discovered how the magic of integrating Literacy and Art

fosters a love for Reading in the minds of children. 


The Lesson Plan Book you have been waiting on!

You find yourself engaging in the same routine

on a daily. Planning INTERACTIVE  lessons 

can be placed last on your planning to-do list.

The E-Book will provide you with engaging and simple adventures to choose from that your little learners will love. They will be loving the 

Early Reading experience in no time. 




Even Reading Heroes need a little training!

Mentors are always a good idea in the world of education. What would you do without an avenue to turn on when you just need questions answered, ideas to boost your creativity, or just a shoulder to lean on. Coaching with a splash is what I like to call it! Imagine having an outlet to turn to when you are in need of a little or a lot of help. Small group coaching will be a powerful tool to take your teachers and your school  to the next level,

as Early Childhood Educators. 

$1500 Per Month/Per School




We so often hear the word TEAM in the world of education. Empowered teachers empower teachers. Get ready to enjoy your teacher peers while diving into the world to literacy and art. Imagine solving problems relative to your students, with your teammate right there by your side, holding your hand along the way. Team Building with a Splash... Imagine the possibilities.

$500 per school/3 Week Team Building)