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I Like Myself - Self Portraits

 I LIKE MYSELF BECAUSE I'M ME! We will forever love this book... 

READ: You can explore and engage your students with this book during story time.

IMAGINE: Your students will bring this book alive through their eyes and create their very own self portrait.


Materials: watercolor paper (whatever size you desire), permanent marker, paintbrush, watercolors, pipe cleaners (optional), hole puncher (optional)

I  pre-traced the circle for the face, neck and the shirt with a pencil to give my students a guide. The students were given permanent markers to trace the face and to create the other parts of the face.


After the tracing process was complete, the students were given paintbrushes and watercolor paint to complete their masterpiece. 

We recommend this project for ages 4 and up. Have fun as you read, splash and have a BLAST!

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