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We are on a BIG mission!


Help us place this amazing book in the homes of our WISE GIRLS.


So here's the deal.....

Our WISE GIRLS were presented with a challenge at the beginning of the school year. Each girl has to read at least 5 books, take an assessment and pass with an 80% or higher.  If they reach this goal by the end of October, they will receive the WISE surprise of the month. They are super excited and makes it their business to let me know how many books they have read so far. Each WISE surprise will come with a book, of course  and WISE GIRL SWAG.


Our featured book is Shai and Emmie star in Break an Egg. A book that represents GIRL POWER and FRIENDSHIP! 


We service 120 girls combined between two schools in grades 2nd - 5th. Help us place this book in the homes of our WISE GIRLS. 


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